Evaluation of Petri dish cultures with microorganisms.

M.Sc. Microbiology

Master program
Evaluation of Petri dish cultures with microorganisms.
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)

The Institute of Microbiology offers an own study program with teaching language English – the M.Sc. Microbiology with teaching language English. Detailed information can be found on the homepage of the master program.


Microbiologists perform research on the biological mechanisms of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, algae or filamentous fungi and their role in element cycles. The knowledge can be applied in medicine, environment protection, nutrition or agronomy and forestry.

In Science and Development, microbiologists thus find an attractive area working with other disciplines (biological subdisciplines, chemistry, medicine, pharmacy or biotechnology) using recent advances in genome and proteome analyses or working with genetically modified organisms. Main input from research on microbes is necessary to application in biotech for the production and formulation of pharmaceuticals like antibiotics or vaccines, for the treatment of waste waters and soil contamination, or for the improvement of nutrient supply with pure cultures of microorganisms and the investigation of their potential.

Within the Pharmaceutical Industry or in Biotech Companies, microbiology alumni thus are highly welcome.

In Industry Concerning Nutrition (e.g. breweries, wine making, milk processing, meat and sausage or fish processing, in vegetable or fruit industry, or starch production) microbiological safety is of high importance for the production process and quality control as well as optimizing technological processing.

Chemical Industry (like with production of plant protection agents or disinfectants) applies microbiological research.

In Medical Diagnosis or Food Safety, identification of microbes is essential. Here, microbiologists are involved in producing concepts for therapy or protection.

Other potential jobs for microbiologists are with Public Administration or with Education at universities, schools etc.