Pictogram teaching.

Former professors and group leaders

Pictogram teaching.
Image: Manuela Östreicher

Below, you can read up on former professors and group leaders of the Institute of Microbiology, Jena, of the recent past.

Prof. em. Dr. Gabriele Diekert Expand entry
Portrait Prof. em. Gabriele Diekert. Portrait Prof. em. Gabriele Diekert. Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)


Gabriele Diekert was Professor and head of the Department of Applied and Ecological Microbiology.


Prof. em. Dr. Johannes Wöstemeyer Expand entry
PD Dr. Torsten Schubert Expand entry
Portrait Dr Torsten Schubert. Portrait Dr Torsten Schubert. Image: Tilman Hesse


Dr Torsten Schubert was group leader of the research group Anaerobic Microbiology.